How to build, extend or refurbish your house the right way

Hey, it's Alex here...

The guy behind this site.

Over the past fifteen years, I've been building, extending and refurbishing houses.

I've done self-builds for my family.


New builds and extensions for other people.


And some pretty extensive refurbishments too.


In the early years, due to necessity - "a.k.a. lack of money" - I did much of the work myself. 

I've been there, done it and made many mistakes along the way.

On this site, I share the kind of information that, had it been available to me at the time, would have saved me time, money and plenty of hard yards. 

Actionable advice from someone who has been in the trenches:

  • Case studies of my builds
  • how to's,
  • checklists, 
  • tool and safety wear recommendations, 
  • and much more.


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